Shrimp Grow-out Feed

"Grow-out feed" is the term we use to cover the range of dry pellet food available to feed shrimp from the size where they most commonly leave the hatchery at the PL 10 size to final harvest size.  Some may break this down further into "nursery feeds" and final grow-out.  But all of these are distinguished from the larval stage feeds between egg hatching and the PL 10 stage.  The larval feeds we offer are discussed elsewhere.  

The feed listed here is primarily designed for saltwater shrimp Pennaeus vannamei, starting around 8 mm in body length.  The feeds can also be used for other saltwater shrimp such as Pennaeus japonicus or Pennaeus monodon.  We have clients who use them for freshwater prawns (Macrobrachium rosenbergii), redclaw crayfish, blue crabs and lobster. 

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