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Finfish Growout Feed

Formulated growout feeds are used from when baby fish are weaned off live or liquid feeds until they are ready for harvest.  Some will distinguish further between fry/starter feeds and larger floating/sinking pellets.  But all are easily transported and dispersed with storage times measured in months rather than days.  Our best seller for freshwater fish is AQUAMAX from Purina Mills.  It is a general purpose feed for tilapia, hybrid striped bass, catfish and a variety of gamefish such as largemouth bass, perch and trout.  It is available in single bag quantities of 50 pounds each.  The prices listed below are for a single bag.  Discounted prices are available depending on the quantity and delivery terms.

There are other excellent diets available specifically made, for example, for tilapia or catfish or trout.  We can quote from Purina, Zeigler, Rangen, Cargill and others.  These specialized diets often have a higher minimum purchase requirement of 1 ton or more.



For saltwater fish Zeigler Feeds offers an unsurpassed line of formulated diets which we are proud to distribute.  The prices below are for single 20 kg bags of their all- purpose Marine Grower line.  This is an excellent choice for pompano, cobia, grouper and a range of others.  Zeigler also offers specialized diets by special order for seabass, barramundi, yellowtail and salmon both for shore based recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) or for off shore net pens.  Discounted prices are available depending on quantity and delivery terms.  Pellet size of 3 mm and larger may require a 1 ton minimum size purchase.

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