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Livestock for Breeding and Growout
The most common animals we supply are:
High Quality Feed

We sell feed for all types and sizes of aquatic animals.

Filter Screening and Netting

We are a leading supplier worldwide of precision woven filter screen in                           ,          , and                     .  The most common uses in aquaculture are in the hatchery, in recirculating culture systems or to filter incoming pond water.  But we also sell to universities, medical businesses, oil/gas and mining concerns, silk screen printers and many other businesses.

For other applications we sell high density polyethylene netting, knotless nylon mesh and filter bags.

Equipment and Supplies
We take pride in offerring almost anything you need in aquaculture.  As a purchasing agent working for you, we use our buying power to get you the best product at the best price.  Some of our most common sellers are:
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