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Lobster and Seafood Holding Tanks


We are an authorized dealer of Marineland lobster and seafood holding systems.  These are designed to be both attractive and functional in retail seafood markets and restaurants.  Marineland also makes larger volume systems for wholesale operations. 

We can also design and install custom tanks to meet your needs.  From our headquarters in South Florida, we can export tank systems throughout the Caribbean, Central and South America.


If you are in the South Florida region, we can clean and service your Marineland, or other brand, lobster or seafood holding tank.  We also can train your own staff to properly operate the systems on their own.  We have a marine biologist on staff to make sure that your livestock are maintained under the best possible conditions. 

If you are not in the South Florida region, we can also provide consulting and problem trouble shooting using video conferencing over the internet.  Let us show you how we can help.

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